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Museo Franciscano



With the coming of the Spanish missionaries and in particular the Franciscans in 1578, the Philippines has been enriched and bequeathed with a diversified culture and rich religious heritage. Such heritage and cultural legacy bears witness and serves as living testimony to the more than 400 years of Franciscan presence in the Philippines.

Truly committed to the preservation of the Filipino's rich cultural and religious heritage, the Museo Franciscano of the Franciscan Philippine Province of San Pedro Bautista proudly exhibits collections of liturgical artifacts from the centuries old Franciscan churches in the Philippines. From a private museum opened in 1983, Museo Franciscano was renovated through the initiative of its then curator, Bro. Ramon "Ching" Balana, OFM and the generous support of Santuario de San Antonio Parish and inaugurated for public viewing on February 5, 1999, the Solemn feast of San Pedro Bautista. With it, the Franciscans take pride in providing every Filipino a deep cultural appreciation and awareness of a very rich and glorious past.